Big Picnic

“Connecting the City One Individual at a Time with Art.


Through the art of the Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park, families can connect with one another. The geometric shape patterning that imitates the basic forms of the sculptures paired with a bright color palate to celebrate summer generates excitement.
In collaboration with:  Isabelle BrownJenna Schwartze

The Map

The Map is a reflection of the shapes and colors of the brand. It allows for ease of navigation through the sculpture park and asks the participants to grab a friend and strike a pose when arriving at the sculptures on the map adding to the collaborative nature of this event.

The Activity

At each sculpture the participant would receive a shape. After collecting all the shapes, they would take it to the craft table where they could decorate the pieces. The participant would then be able to lock the pieces together creating their own sculpture to take home with them. After completing this activity, they would then be asked to participate in the collaborate large scale sculpture that would be created from this event for the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

The Assets

With this collaborative event, there are many pieces that are needed in order to make it a success. These include: snapchat filters for sharing your experience, tattoos for children, a bag to take your sculpture home in, aprons for the volunteers, and a facebook event to inform people about it.

Wayfinding and Signage

The Wayfinding is based off the colors and iconography of the event allowing for easy navigation through the park. The signage is used to help promote this collaborative event.