DEMDACO Consumer Catalogs


DEMDACO is an artist driven product development company that sells to both consumers as well as retailors having around 20,000 active products. For the past couple of years DEMDACO has been producing consumer catalogs in order to grow their consumer base. Each year two catalogs are producted (one in the spring and one in the winter) as well as possible mini catalogs appearing throughout the year. In these 36 page catalogs, every thing is strategically planned out not only in design but also in photography. Each catalog is planned out in detail for a month to two months then production begins ranging from 2-3 months. This catalog directly overlaps their wholesale catalog causing the art director as well as the designer to juggle several projects at once.

Consumer Catalog Holiday 2019
Consumer Catalog Spring 2020
Consumer Mini Catalog August 2020
Consumer Catalog Holiday 2020
Consumer Catalog Spring 2020
In collaboration with DEMDACO photo team and Seann Dwyer Art Director

Consumer Catalogs 2020