Degree Project

“Helping Animals get Adopted Through Creating an Inviting Atmosphere”


This project started with a question: Through design, how can I help animals get adopted.  From that it branched off into two questions: How can I create a space that is functional and inviting and How can I make early adoption easier? It then developed into a three part stage and a partnership with the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. The three steps include a mobile app that allows for ease of finding animals that are available for adoption as well as ones that are available for fostering; a redesign of the humane society itself including a floor plan and elevations, and last but not least a book that allows for the new brand to be integrated with ease into the Humane Society.

The Brand

I started off with describing what I felt the Humane Society should feel like by creating attributes for the brand: warm, dependable, inviting, and playful.
From here I was able to explore these attributes in relationship the Humane Society and came up with a brand that I felt fit them. Within this brand you have many pieces including a primary and secondary logo,   a primary and secondary color palette, a material palette used for the space, and a pattern based off of the ears and tails of the cat and dog. The typefaces used are Open Sans and Roboto Slabs creating a fun yet understandable brand. From here, I created examples of applications including: handouts, the website, social media ads, mailing material, business cards, and folders for families to take with them.

The App

After creating the brand, I began to focus on my second question How can I make early adoption easier. With my research I realized there was not a clear way to be able to find the animal you were looking for leading me to the idea to create an app that allowed for people to not only look for potential adoptees but give them the opportunity to take part in Fostering animals. The app in my opinion is like a short term and long term dating kind of situation. short term being fostering and long term being adoption. This app would allow for one to filter their search: whether the animal had long or short hair, had high or low energy, it allows for you to save your potential adoptees and go back and look at them, and allows for an easy way to contact the shelter directly through the app to receive more information on certain pets. From this I decided to create an informational commercial for the app.

The Space

Through my research I decided that constructing off the existing building of the Humane Society would be the best option in creating a floor plan.

In this floor plan the humane society would have everything and more that they needed including an indoor training area, plenty of space for the cats and dogs, an outdoor training area, an event space, full on vet care, and an indoor and outdoor show area. After creating this floor plan I chose to highlight a few of the spaces through elevations. The idea of these spaces was to create an open atmosphere free from the traditional cages that would allow people to see all aspects of the Humane Society. Entering into the Lobby where there is all glass open cages. Where each dog would be given an indoor and outdoor area for them to roam, An inside training area, and an open airy feel. The Indoor/Outdoor show area is people could come and visit their potential adoptees seeing if they are a good match for them. This would also be a place where families could bring existing pets into to meet the potential adoptees. The Catio allows for the cats to have an indoor and outdoor experience cage free allowing for socialization and open viewing for potential adopters.  In the event space, the Humane Society would be able to host events for the animals, have training class, or even rent out the space to people allowing for more face time for the animals ideally helping with adoption.


This project was a semester long project which had many different steps and ideas that came along the way creating a very robust process.