Lost: Six Mass Extinctions


Through reading different articles and coming to a better understanding of my topic, I came up with a strategy that would allow there to be more impact on the six extinction while allowing the reader to still be informed about the other 5 extinctions that had already happened. I thought of this piece like almost two separate books.

Throughout the book, I combined different articles placing them where I thought they would best flow. At the beginning of the book on the spread with the index I placed a timeline to allow the viewer to understand the aspect of where we currently are in history and where the other extinctions took place.

The First Book

The first book being the 5 mass extinctions that we had already gone through. Each of these getting their own spread with a call out that summed up what I wanted the reader to get out of that spread.

The Second Book

Then moving on the sixth mass extinction I changed the body copy completely with a new typeface and a large size emphasizing the importance of paying attention to this section. I also changed the color to a orange red and placed pictures throughout in order to create an emphasis on this section.

The Process

Through creating this book, I went through many iterations and with that created a process book to showcase this.