Pop It Up

“The Musuem of Soda”


Pop it Up: the Museum of Soda attempts to bring a sense of joy to the viewer like when you first open a can of soda. Through this museum one can not only learn a lot about soda but also experience it in all of it’s bubbly goodness.

The Brand

This museum is refreshing, bubbly, inviting, energetic, fizzy, playful, and sweet. Pop it Up is much more playful than serious. It attempted to be more contemporary rather than traditional and is always vibrant and rarely dull. The guiding themes of this museum include: The historical aspect: how soda came to be; The cultural aspect: how soda has be submersed in our culture. The creation within: thinking about what makes soda soda. How its made and the types and variety that comes with the progression of soda.

The Spatial Vibe strives to have bright colors, bringing out the bubbliness of this substance.

The colors for this brand came from all the different types of soda that there are. I chose a San Serif font, Poppins as the header and a Serif, Playfair Display Regular, for any body copy. These two fonts bring out a playfulness to the brand.

Floor Plan

Here we have the floor plan that guides you through the museum starting the History and ending with Making your own Soda.


In the history room, there would touch screens hanging a  clear plexiglass wall that has bubbles running through it telling the history of soda and would have benches throughout made of plexiglass having once again bubbles running through it.

The Playground of soda making would not only for fun for the visitors but for a learning experience of the 5 Step process of how Soda is made.

In the taste testing room, visitors could try hundreds of different sodas, writing down the numbers they liked for when they go to the next room.

In the sponsorship room, Pop it Up partnered with Coca-Cola to create fun interactive experience. one can taste test, pick what they like, put their name on their creation through the touchscreens and take it home with them.