Preschool in a Box

“Learn with Me”


Working with a nonprofit organization, my group realized there was a gap in education when it came to preschool. With research we found that on average it costs 12,000 dollars a year for preschool education. In an attempt to solve for this we came up with Preschool in a Box. This allowed for parents to take preschool to their home creating an affordable way for their kids to learn. This box would circulate every 3 months giving each preschooler 4 boxes through the year. This idea consisted of two main parts. The hub and the box.
In collaboration with: Sydney Sanders & Jenna Schwartze

The Box

The box consists of four main components. The morning board assists with addressing a daily conversation with the preschooler. The quite play busies are six different boxes that focus on gross motor skills will learning and playing quietly. The worksheet workshop focuses on kindergarten readiness. Lastly, the circle time pack is adult guided conversations aiding to preschoolers vocabulary and engagement.

The Hub

The hub is a mobile platform designed to provide resources to more curriculum, facilitate community events, and to support caretakers