Swiggles Pasta

“The Pasta your Kids can’t Resist”


Swiggles Pasta was created to make meal time exciting for kids and also make parents psyched knowing their children are having a healthy meal. Swiggles has been packed with all the nutrients your growing little ones need. To make eating fun for kids, each piece of Swiggles Pasta is naturally color “Swiggles — the pasta your kids can’t resist.” red. The noodles are cut into the perfect size for your kids, so all you do is pour the box into the pot and you’re halfway done. Making things easier for parents is what Swiggles Pasta strives for.

The Box

The box shows off two of Swiggles mascots: Milo the Monkey and Ella the Elephant. It includes a recipe on one side and nutrition facts on the other. On the back, there is a maze for your little ones to play while they wait for their pasta to cook.

The Website

Swiggles is always striving to create fun in whatever they do and this is reflected in their website. On the website you can learn more about Swiggles Pasta, get coupons, and even learn more about Milo the Monkey.


Other Assets for Swiggles Pasta include: a poster, a billboard, and a shelf talker.

The Process

Swiggles Pasta went through many different iterations. Here are a few of them for you to look at.