DEMDACO Consumer
DEMDACO Consumer

Kelsey Mack

“I design in order to make life easier for my clients”
I am a graphic designer as well as a photographer. I grew up in St. Louis and moved to Kansas City to fulfil my dream of becoming a graphic designer. I studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and graduated in May of 2019. I design in order to make life easier for my clients and I am by no means afraid of using color.

As a well rounded designer, I have experience in creating engaging and innovative digital and print designs for a broad range of clients in many industries. I strive to create new and unique designs. Working with clients is what I do. Photography, package design, spatial design and branding are my specialities as well as print and catalog. Using my skills in collaborative settings is what I am most successful at. I look forward to working with you on any project. I am up for any challenge. 

If you are interested in working with me email me at